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As populations around the world increasingly struggle to access clean, natural water, at Watergen we have come up with a game-changing solution that uses humidity in the air to create clean and fresh drinking water.

Our innovative technology taps into the atmosphere – an unlimited, freely-available resource – to provide drinking water to people everywhere, from the most remote rural village communities to commercial office buildings to private homes.

In a few short years, we have become a global leader in the development and implementation of water-from-air solutions based on our proprietary cutting-edge, patented GENius technology. Our water generators come in a range of sizes to suit cities, villages, commercial centers, schools, hospitals, offices, residential buildings, private homes and more. They all produce the safest, cleanest and freshest-tasting drinking water, improving the quality of life, and even saving the lives, of potentially billions of people around the world.

Our history

2009 – WaterGen established

2012 – First atmospheric water generator is launched

2016 – Investment by Michael Mirilashvili’s corporate group

2017 – Mass manufacturing is launched

2017 – First system installed in New Delhi, India

2017 –Large Scale & Gen-350 is donated to the American Red Cross and FEMA to assist in the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

Our vision

To provide access for every man, woman and child around the world to fresh, clean and safe drinking water.

Our mission

Using state-of-the-art technology, we will provide humanity with a renewable source of high-quality drinking water, extracted from the air, making it available anywhere, on demand and at a reasonable cost.

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