what could happen if fresh drinking water were produced locally in every home, apartment, office or meeting room, and drinking water sources were independent, trusted and safe.


what could happen if fresh drinking water were produced locally in every home, apartment, office or meeting room, and drinking water sources were independent, trusted and safe.

Lead the Drinking Water Revolution!

Watergen is building a distribution network for its new home and office solution - GENNY

Be the first in your market to distribute a sustainable, profitable business with a true social responsibility aspect, creating a unique, alternative source of drinking water and a blue ocean technology.

The production of drinking water from humidity in the air (AWG) is one of the most important and innovative solutions available today, used to tackle the growing problem of depleting levels of drinking water around the world.
The quality and taste of the water that is processed using air-to- water technology is of the highest standards. Air-to-water production brings a new source of drinking water right to the point that your clients need it, and provides you, as a distributor, with a real advantage over your competitors in the business.

GENNY’s Advantages:

Produces up to 22 liters (7 gallons) of clean and tasty drinking water daily

Water is produced from the air and remains fresh throughout the day

Plug-and-drink solution

Off the grid solution, no plumbing needed

Equipped with advanced water purification systems including a sequential air to water filtration set, combined with a germicidal UVC lamp

Patented technology which can produce water in a wide range of climate conditions

Certified and complies with international standards and regulations

User-friendly app to get feedback on water production

GENNY reduces the use of plastic bottled water at home or in the office

Convenience - no need to order ahead, store water or carry heavy water tanks

Who are the potential target clients?

Healthy living young families who believe in eco-friendly solutions

Those dealing with bad infrastructure and using 5 gallon-coolers, RO filters or bottled water. They are seeking a safe, trusted, convenient source for all their drinking water needs.

Families who are living off-grid

The lack of municipal infrastructure forces them to find innovative solutions for their needs. They are looking for an on the spot, safe drinking water solution to reduce their plastic waste and the need to order ahead. They traditionally use 5 gallon-coolers or bottled water.

Eco- tech savvy users

Early adopters among their friends and family, looking for new technologies, convenience, modern home devices and preferably eco-friendly solutions.

Small and medium businesses

Seeking safe drinking water solutions for their employees and clients, to overcome the problem of bad infrastructure, eliminate the need to order and use 5-gallon storage jugs, or the use of their filtration system. They seek trusted, healthy, independent eco-friendly drinking water solutions.

Restaurants, Hotels and Cafes

Businesses in the hospitality industry, seeking an innovative solution to provide their clients with drinking water of the highest quality throughout the day. Eliminates the need to order 5-gallon coolers and creates a sustainable drinking water solution without relying on infrastructure.

Spas, Clinics, Gyms

seeking a compact, stylish and reliable water source so that their clients can enjoy cool, great-tasting drinking water of the highest quality, instantly on-tap. They seek eco-friendly drinking-water solutions, while cutting out the inconvenience of ordering 5-gallon.

About Watergen

Watergen has devoted its innovative technology towards solving the world’s water crisis. Watergen provides a game-changing water from air solution based on its proprietary patented GENius technology that uses humidity in the air to create clean and fresh drinking water for people everywhere. The company offers a range of Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) for various applications; the home-office scale GENNY that can produce up to 22 liters of drinking water per day, the medium-scale GEN-M1 that produces up to 220 liters of drinking water per day. Watergen’s AWGs are installed in more than 60 countries around the world.