Job Description

The Product Leader will be responsible for leading a product or products, from design stage with R&D and all through the product life cycle.

This role includes configuration management, ECR-ECO process, leading product improvement and cost reduction.

In addition, supporting subcontractors – training and certification, NPI, involvement in procurement policy.

Duties and responsibilities:

Managing the entire product life cycle:

  • Involvement in the product development process: creating the BOM, production and assembly processes.
  • Leading DFX processes for various product types and production technologies.
  • Responsibility for building the product engineering and manufacturing documentation
  • Leading the process of engineering change (ECR-ECO)
  • Engineering support throughout the life of the product
  • Improving product performance and leading production and assembly processes optimization.


  • Mechanical / Mechatronics Engineer
  • Knowledge and experience in mass production and assembly of water / hi-tech multidisciplinary products.
  • Expert in production engineering.
  • Basic management skills.
  • Knowledge of design and engineering drawing.
  • knowledge of planning and implementing engineering changes ECR / ECO
  • Familiarity with engineering product portfolio
  • High level of Hebrew and English – Reading and writing
  • Experience in multidisciplinary project management at OEM site.
  • Experience in development and design of jigs and fixtures at OEM supplier lines.
  • Knowledge and experience in Thermo-dynamic and AC systems – a must.
  • Experience in production, assembly, polymer molding, vacuum forming, SMT, electronic.