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GEN-M Mobile Trailer

GEN-M Mobile Trailer

GEN-M Mobile Trailer is a customized heavy-duty trailer outfitted with our Gen-M Atmospheric Water Generator

Watergen’s GEN-M Mobile Trailer includes GEN-M unit which generates up to 800 liters of clean water a day. A mobile solution after an emergency incident or natural disaster, the GEN-M Mobile Trailer can supply the most basic human need of clean drinking water. A 12kVA diesel generator is included with the Mobile Trailer as well as 2 dispensers on opposite sides, allowing more people to access the water simultaneously. 

Watergen’s GEN-M Mobile Trailer is composed of: 

  • Heavy Duty Trailer
  • Watergen GEN-M atmospheric water generator with integrated 200L water tank 
  • 12kVA Diesel Generator Watergen’s MWT MSRP

GEN-M Mobile Trailer Advantages

  • Highly mobile
  • Designed for emergency situations and natural disasters
  • Produces water in areas with no potable water source
  • Dispenses water in areas both with and without an operating electric grid Water purification technology: Sediment filtration, mineralization, activated carbon, microbiological treatment
  • Fast and easy deployment in most weather conditions, remote areas and difficult to access locations
  • Ideal for long term sustainable water generation throughout all phases of emergency and crisis response
  • Indoor and outdoor usage


Generates: up to 800 liters of clean fresh drinking water daily
Integrated Water Tank: 200 Liters
Integrated Dual Dispenser: Cold or Ambient
Dimensions (LxWxH): 4.8m x 2.4m x 2.1m
Weight: 2,631kg (Trailer 1,043kg)
Power Consumption: Nominal 5.6 KW*h - Max 10 KW*h (at startup)
Air Filtration: Multi-barrier air filtration cascade
  • Related Applications

    • Emergency and Disaster
    • Municipal