Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV)

Bringing clean, fresh water to the sites of major
emergencies and natural disasters.

When an emergency incident or natural disaster strikes, water supplies are often compromised or cut off altogether. Our customized heavy-duty trucks securely transport 900-liter-capacity Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) units through any terrain, to provide clean drinking water directly to people when they need it most. With the ERV, water is available almost immediately, making this the quickest and easiest solution to implement in cases where time is an issue.

Requiring no infrastructure other than an electricity supply, this plug-and-drink solution is a robust and renewable source of fresh, clean drinking water.
It has been designed to meet the needs of villages, factories and off-grid settlements.
To ensure the high quality of the water generated and maintain freshness and purity regardless of air quality, a built-in multi-barrier air filtration system removes micro-particles and organic traces and adds essential minerals.


Generates water in areas with no potable water source

Operable even in areas without an electric grid

Fast and easy deployment in most weather conditions, remote areas and difficult to access locations

Ideal for long-term sustainable water generation throughout all phases of emergency and crisis response

Energy efficient

Space to store emergency medical supplies and provisions

Installed DC outlets with battery-charging capacity for communication devices

Water generation capacity:
up to 900 liters/day

Dimensions (HxWxL):
2.4m x 7.3m x 2.7m

780kg (when empty)

Integrated water tank:
200 liters

Air filtration:
multi-barrier air filtration cascade

Water purification technology:
sediment filtration, mineralization and activated carbon, microbiological treatment by UV lamp

3 phase, 208/400 VAC, 60/50 Hz

Power consumption:

1000-1500-liter (260-390 gallon) water reservoir

500-liter (130 gallon) fuel tank for week-long operation

Emergency lighting

Custom logo or paint


Urban solution

The average family consumes 20 liters of water a day for drinking and a further 300–500 liters per day for household uses such as showers, laundry and dishwashing.
In cities or areas where the municipal water system is not safe for drinking, the water quality is inconsistent, or the supply is unreliable, Watergen’s Large Scale water generator offers the perfect solution.
By installing a Large Scale unit on rooftops of commercial or residential buildings, we can create independent, safe and renewable reservoirs that deliver fresh drinking water directly to the family’s kitchen sink, leaving the municipal water source to all other uses.
If adopted on a wide scale, this concept can be used to decentralize the city’s water infrastructure, to ensure a constant and robust source of drinking water, all year round.

Rural solution

The Large Scale water generator is also a potential solution to the problems faced by millions of people around the world living in outlying areas, who have to walk for miles every day to access water for drinking, cooking and washing.
By installing one or more units in a rural community, the local population can have instant access to a clean and reliable water source.

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