Itzhak IlanBoard Member

    Mr. Itzhak Ilan is the former Deputy Director of the Israeli Security Agency (“Shin-Bet”), where he held various senior intelligence positions and sensitive high-security clearance roles. Prior to being appointed as its Deputy Director, Mr. Ilan served as the Head of the Shin-Bet’s Foreign Division, Head of the Counter-Terrorism Division and Head of the Interrogations Division.

    Mr. Ilan has vast experience in managing complex security and intelligence operations and addressing crisis situations. ‫Utilizing his vast skills gained from over 30 years in Israel’s top governmental security agency and his close cooperation with the Israeli Police and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Mr. Ilan provides high-level security services in various sectors, including terrorism prevention, suspect interrogations, counter-espionage & field investigations. He is also a renowned expert in polygraph examinations.

    Mr. Ilan concurrently serves as a board member with specialized companies operating in the international arena.