Jaques Eshel AzuelosVP, Strategic Partners

    Mr. Eshel served as the CEO of BSI Security Factor, where he has managed a range of turn-key security projects for international and multi-national clients that have included security systems, intelligence and technology. Prior to his position at BSI, he was VP of Business Development at Merhav, a company that undertakes large-scale project development.

    Before joining the private sector, Mr. Eshel held various security-related advisory positions in Israel’s Prime Minister’s office. Among the roles he dealt with were operational and intelligence issues relating to counter-terrorism, technology and research.

    Mr. Eshel is currently a Director at Octopus which developed a command and control software enabling organizations to effectively manage all their security, safety and logistical requirements from one place.

    He earned an MA in political science from Bruxelles University and an MA in security and Defense from Haifa University.