Water-Gen is working with the American Red Cross and FEMA in the United States to assist people in Texas and Florida by providing clean and safe drinking water in the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Water-Gen along with a team of Water-Gen technicians traveled to the U.S. to deploy, operate, and maintain two (2) Large scale and two (2) mid-size GEN-350 units.

The units were first set up in Port Arthur, Texas where a water reservoir was contaminated by Hurricane Harvey and the people in the area lacked clean and safe drinking water. In response to Hurricane Irma and with the direction of FEMA and the American Red Cross, Water-Gen then moved operations from Texas to Florida. For the past week, the units have been dispensing clean drinking water from the air in Miami-Dade County and also distributing drinking water supplies to Broward County and the Florida Keys.

Water-Gen's aid to Houston

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