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Executive Team & Board

  • Michael Mirilashvili

    Michael Mirilashvili

    President and CO-CEO
  • Michael Rutman

    Michael Rutman

  • Roni Litinetsky

    Roni Litinetsky

    VP Sales
  • Yossi Maman

    Yossi Maman

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Erez Paz

    Erez Paz

    VP Marketing
  • Stanislav Ratner

    Stanislav Ratner

    VP Water Research and Quality
  • Chen Nechemia

    Chen Nechemia

    VP R&D
  • Elad Levy Lapides

    Elad Levy Lapides

    VP Operations
  • Lilach Gilboa

    Lilach Gilboa

    VP Human Resources
  • Aiman Younis

    Aiman Younis

    VP of Mobility
  • Sharon Dulberg

    Sharon Dulberg

    VP Innovations and CTO
  • Dan Clifford

    Dan Clifford

    President North America

Board Members

  • Michael Mirilashvili

  • Michael Rutman

    Board Member
  • Alexey Pud

    Board Member
  • Alan Dershowitz

    Board Member