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Genny Water Treatment

Watergen’s AWGs offer a safe, high-quality and trusted source of fresh drinking water, independent of traditional infrastructures.

Stage 1

Removal of Particulate Matter

Two sequential air filters eliminate particulate matter that is smaller than 2.5 microns (<2.5PM).
Air filter drawing
Stage 2

Water creation

Water generated from air using Genius technology is cleaner than water taken from the earth. Genius is made entirely of material which is approved for the direct production of drinking water, complete with hydrophilic polymer coating. Thus, during the water production process, no substances prohibited for drinking are released.
Water creation from air drawing
Stage 3

Water Filtration and Mineralization

Removal of organic/inorganic substances + microorganisms: A high-tech 0.8 µm carbon filter is impregnated with patented Aqualen fibers which significantly increase the filter performances in trapping a wide range of inorganic and organic molecules, parasites, and toxins. Importantly, this filter is also embedded with silver ions to inhibit germ growth.

Ultrafine filtration: An activated carbon cartridge, paralleled with ultra-fine membranes, blocks any particles larger than 0.1 µm. In addition to the removal of microplastic and the reduction of total organic carbon (TOC), this filter potentially gives rise to the removal of bacteria, molds, yeasts, spores, viruses, etc.

Mineralization: To meet global regulations, this cartridge robustly stabilizes the water pH between 6.5 – 8.5. In addition, it also enriches the water with essential ions such as Ca (Calcium) and Mg (Magnesium). This, in turn, dramatically improves the water’s taste.
Water filtration and mineralization drawing
Stage 4

Water Safety

As a final backup to the purification process explained in Stage 3, a powerful germicidal lamp eliminates any potential presence of bio-related contamination in the AWG water system.
Sterilizing water Air filter drawing
Stage 5

Water Maintenance

One of the major safety advantages of the device involves a cooling system that keeps the storage tank below 5°C, together with the constant circulation of water from the storage tank through the UV module. Combining these two robust features ensures safe, potable drinking water.
Water-cooling system drawing


Watergen maintains the highest quality of drinking water by ensuring its devices, raw materials and water parts comply with safety requirement standards. More importantly, Watergen is the first AWG company to accomplish ASSE LEC-2004 (future name ANSI 1090), a unique standard for AWG products.
ASSE Certification