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Know your Genny Better

A: Atmospheric water is quality drinking water that is extracted from the humidity in the air via a fast and energy-efficient patented condensation process.
A: Air is a cleaner platform than soil. Water production from the air eliminates the need for ground water pumping and the fear of soil contamination. Thus, water from the air is the safer option. In addition, all the water produced by Watergen’s systems goes through a robust filtering process which cleans any dust and particles left from the air.
A: Genny can produce up to 30 liters of fresh drinking water a day, depending on climate conditions such as temperature and humidity levels. The higher the humidity and the warmer the weather, the higher the quantity of water produced per day. Genny starts the water production process from a minimum temperature of 20° and 40% humidity.
A: Genny only requires an electrical outlet to function. As soon as it is connected to electricity, it will start the extraction process instantly. Genny does not require external plumbing or water pipes to function.
A: Because the device doesn’t need to be linked to water pipes, your choice of location is flexible. We suggest setting up the Genny device in a well-aired location with windows. We don’t suggest placing the device in a closed room with no windows. Genny should ideally be placed in a kitchen, dining room, lounge, office kitchenette, meeting room or on a balcony. Genny can also be placed outside, as long as the area is protected from the rain by a roof.
A: Water is produced through a condensation process, where the humidity in the air surrounding the device meets a cold surface, and at that point of interaction, the humidity turns to water. This process takes place constantly during the day, with the water collected in a 24 l/tank within the device. The water production process takes place through the patented Genius® technology which is the heart of the device. It guarantees constant, premium-quality water throughout the day.
A: The Genny device is fitted with two sequential filters that eliminate particulate matter that is smaller than 2.5 microns. The filters remove all the dirt from air or water. A UV lamp destroys microorganisms and decomposes harmful chemicals. In addition, the water is stored at a constant, safe temperature of 5° and circulated through the UV lamp throughout the day.
A: We like to believe that we’ve done everything we can to make our water as tasty as possible. Water extracted from air is generally ‘lighter’ than tap water. Also, the mineralization process includes the addition of calcium and magnesium to the water to create improved mouth-feel and taste.
A: Genny weighs 80 kg. The rear end of the device is fitted with two wheels which enables the user to maneuver it easily.
A: The Genny has an On/Off button located at the back of the device under the electric cable. The device also has a button to cancel the hot water feature.
A: The Genny has two filters that clean the air and two more that clean the water. In addition, it comes with a mineralization device which builds the water’s taste and a UV lamp which prevents the buildup of bacteria in the water.
A: All the filters in the Genny (2 air filters, 2 water filters, UV lamp and mineralization device) need to be changed every six months. The filters come in a designated kit which can be purchased from your local distributor.
A: The entire filter change process is extremely user-friendly. Please see this video below which describes the process in a simple manner.
A: When the filters are changed every six month, the Genny owner should also perform a sanitization process. This entails placing a safe, encapsulated cleansing substance, found in the filter kit, through the Genny’s water system. The sanitization process takes place via the device’s dedicated app and the entire process is explained in the user manual or on the Watergen website.
A: Within the first hour of installation, the device will start producing water instantly. However, first time users will need to perform this one-time procedure which should last around half a day: · Plug the device into the electrical socket and install the filters. · Wait until the water storage tank is half full. · Run the simple first-time sanitization process which involves emptying six liters of water from the tank [see video] · You can now drink the water! The device will produce water at a rate of approximately 1l/hour, depending on the temperature and humidity levels outside.
A: The installation process of the Genny is easy and friendly. All you need to is to plug in the filters and the electricity and follow the one-time procedure for first-time users as explained above. If you require the services of a technician for your installation, please call your local distributor.
A: Genny has a built-in child-safety feature that can be optionally activated to protect children from boiling water produced by the machine. To activate this feature: · Press the hot water button · Press the cold-water button for two seconds. · Pour the hot water The feature can also be cancelled through the
A: The Genny app can be downloaded from the Apple Store, Google Store or Android Store.
A: The Genny app is a smart and intuitive control system for managing your Genny unit. The app gives you the convenience to control your unit’s working mode and optimize water production and noise level. Using the Genny App, you’ll perform: · Connection of the Genny to Wi-fi · First-time registration of the Genny. · After the device is connected to the Wi-fi, it will be able to read important data and transmit this data to Watergen’s maintenance cloud system. · This data includes: outside temperature, outside humidity levels, amount of water produced by the device in the past 24 hours, when the filters and UV light need to be changed next. The app also has a Technician Mode available to technicians only.
A: Absolutely! Genny is a cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly solution for home and office use. It creates a new unlimited source of drinking water from the humidity in the air and reduces the use of plastic bottles, thereby reducing damage to the environment, as well as the need for logistic processes, storage and transportation. Genny also dries the room like a dehumidifier, and therefore less energy is invested in air conditioning.
A: Genny’s water comes from the air, not like other drinking sources that come from the soil. Thanks to a water purification system that treats mechanical, chemical, and microbiological contaminants, as well as an air filtration system that removes particles and dust, the quality of water produced by the Genny device is of the highest standard. This is especially true when compared to other filtration systems that are connected to municipal water lines, where there is a risk of lead and dust accumulation as a result of the aging of the pipelines.
A: Air purification is part of the water generation process, and this is especially ideal for cities with high levels of air pollution.
A: Yes. Genny complies with all required World Health Organization (WHO) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards.
Q: Yes! Genny was selected as the CES 2019 Awardee for Best Innovation for Tech for a Better World and as an Honoree for Best Home Appliance. Time Magazine named Genny a ‘Best Invention of 2019’. Genny was also named as the Energy Efficiency Product of the Year in the 2020 Smart Home Mark of Excellence at the CES Awards.
A: 110/220 VAC, 60/50Hz
A: ~350 Wh/L nominal; During water boiling: ~800 Wh/L
A: Length: 1.77 ft/540 mm; Width: 1.37 ft/420 mm; Height: 4.26 ft/1300 mm