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Commercial AWGs for sustainable and life saving applications.

Watergen extracts pure potable water from the earth’s atmosphere using patented water-from-air (WFA) technology.

Watergen manufactures large scale atmospheric water generators (AWGs) for the public sector, to use wherever needed: in schools, universities, city centers, hospitals, military bases, municipal parks, agriculture farms, urban communities, villages, rural areas, construction sites, residential buildings and resorts – the range of applications is unlimited.

Watergen aims to address the issue of water scarcity around the world while reducing plastic waste. Watergen’s large AWG machines are suitable for off-grid operations, providing succor in emergencies. In addition, they are ideal for first-response teams and disaster areas. The air-to-water converters can also tackle drought, water shortage, and polluted water supplies.

Investing in large AWGs right now guarantees that your community will have access to fresh, clean drinking water every time – especially in places where contaminants like pesticides and chemicals pose difficulties and affect the taste and water quality, endangering human and animal health and lives.

All Watergen AWGs are portable and need only electricity to operate. No need for piping, complex installation expenses, and time-consuming procedures. Each AWG is environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and sustainable, dispensing chemical-free, clean, tasty drinking at the point of use regardless of geolocation.

From now on, you’ll never need to worry about drinking water supplies.
Watergen AWGs provide you with fresh, safe and great-tasting drinking water extracted from the air wherever you need it.

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Our Commercial Products

Large-scale water from air products for commercial, off-grid, and emergency situations


Watergen Provides Large Scale Water Solutions
Water dispenser in public parks Municipal parks
Gen M in a residential building Residential buildings
Water supply in a temporary army camp Temporary army base
Water dispenser in temporary field hospitals Temporary field hospitals
Water from air supply in small villages Small villages
Water from air supply for agriculture farms Agriculture farms
Farmer Organic farms
Panama Lady First aid drinking water
Disaster Disaster areas
Indonesia first response teams
Costa Rica installation Schools