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Watergen devices incorporated into Cambodian’s National Health Structure

Watergen devices were provided to Cambodian hospitals, Red Cross and first response organizations

Despite being one of the fastest-growing economies in Asia, Cambodia has a severe water and sanitation crisis. 77% of Cambodia’s 16 million people live in rural areas. 3 million of them lack access to safe water altogether, and 6 million lack access to improved sanitation. The Cambodian government is determined to change these dismal numbers and has embarked on an aggressive turnaround policy. By 2025, it hopes to be able to provide improved water conditions to 100% of its population, and Watergen is proud to be part of this important goal.

In July 2020, a GEN-M Atmospheric Water Generator was handed over to the Calmette Hospital in Phnom Phen, thanks to a donation by the Prime Minister and First Lady of Cambodia, Bun Rany Hun Sen, chairperson of the country’s Red Cross.

In September 2020, Kantha Bopha Hospital (KBH), Cambodia’s largest public children’s hospital, which provides free health care services to local children, was handed a Watergen GEN-M by Minister Chantol Sun. Both hospitals are now able to provide up to 800 liters of pure, clean, and fresh drinking water to staff and patients every day.

In August 2020, the First Lady handed over Watergen’s GEN-M truck and generator to the Red Cross, enabling rescue teams to bring fresh, clean water to sites of major emergencies and natural disasters. The customized heavy-duty trucks can securely transport 800-liter-capacity GEN-M units through any type of terrain, to provide drinking water directly to people when they need it most.
Plans are already in the pipeline to donate additional units of GEN-M AWGs to more hospitals and the Red Cross.

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