Watergen welcomed 2019 by showing off its groundbreaking water-from-air tech at CES Las Vegas, the globe’s largest consumer electronics show, and the world was ready to drink it up!

Watergen introduced attendees and members of the press to Genny, the atmospheric water-generator for at-home use. Recipient of the CES 2019 Best Tech and Innovation Award, Genny creates clean, filtered, drinkable water from thin air. Visitors got to see Genny in action and have a taste of Watergen’s solution for healthy, environmentally friendly at home drinking water.

Also on display for the first time was Watergen’s atmospheric water generator specifically for personal automotives. Watergen is looking forward to partnering with a number of leading car manufacturers to offer consumers fresh drinking water anywhere, any time, on the road. CES visitors could refresh themselves on the convention floor right from the center console of a pickup truck. Bloomberg tweeted footage of the vehicular Watergen in action!

Most importantly, Watergen continued to impress upon the tech world the importance of providing a solution for the hundreds of thousands of people without access to clean drinking water around the world. Watergen’s flagship water generator for emergency response and aid to water-poor communities and those hit by natural disasters, remained at the center of Watergen’s presence at CES and was highlighted in the press, including profiles on Fox Las Vegas and The Weather Network. NBC Las Vegas drew particular attention to how Watergen could help the CES host city, which has faced challenges around sourcing drinking water since its founding.

Both the Watergen and Watergen USA teams were thrilled by the palpable buzz around this issue and Watergen’s solutions, and grateful for the enthusiastic response and feedback from attendees and journalists.