A test pilot of the GEN-350 medium-scale atmospheric water generator will take place in Uzbekistan’s region of Bukhara as part of a larger effort on the part of the country’s embassy in Israel and Watergen to establish a basis for long-term cooperation.

The plans for the pilot were arranged after Watergen’s Vice President for Marketing and Sales, Michael Rutman met with the embassy’s staff on Friday, May 3. Options on expanding Watergen’s operations in the country along with the possibility of starting a production line in Uzbekistan were discussed during the meeting.

For the time being, the test pilot of the GEN-350 will take place in Bukhara in order to demonstrate the medium-scale generator’s effectiveness in producing approximately 900 liters of clean water per day in the region’s arid climate. In that effort, Rutman will be visiting Uzbekistan from May 12-16, 2019 to launch the trial of the GEN-350.