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After Devastation From Monsoons, Watergen Provides Water From The Air in India

24 Oct. 2018

Thanks to Watergen, water produced from the air is available in India’s southern state of Kerala, a region that is still recovering from the disastrous monsoons over the summer.  Although the monsoons, reported to have been the state’s worst in 100 years, have damaged and contaminated Kerala’s infrastructure and conventional sources of water, locals can receive high-quality drinking water from two GEN-350 atmospheric water generators provided by Watergen.

One of the GEN-350 units was installed at the Christian seminary in the village of Parumala, located in the Thiruvalla Pathanamthitta District of Kerala. The seminary, considered to be one of India’s primary centers for pilgrimage, receives hundreds of visitors each day and as many as 1,000 on an average Sunday. The GEN-350 has helped the seminary to also serve as a base of physical salvation for nearby residents.

“The machine is providing uninterrupted pure drinking water to hundreds and thousands of people every day,” said the seminary’s manager, Father M.C. Kuriakose in a letter to Watergen.

“Since the Watergen machine has been very successful functioning at the Parumala Pilgrim Center and quenching the thirst of many, more and more people are coming and collecting water with the realization that the water produced by the machine is mineral enriched pure for direct consumption.”

In that vein, the Father expressed his sincere appreciation for Watergen.

“The management of Parumala Seminary join the people from the surroundings and the pilgrims, who are collecting water from the machine in expressing their sincere thanks and gratitude to the Board of Directors of Watergen Company for this generous support,” he wrote.

“This generous gift from Watergen Co., Israel of machine generating water from air installed at the Pilgrim Centre called Saint Gregorious of Paramula has been a timely support.”

Father Kuriakose has also requested that the GEN-350’s availability at the seminary be extended to the “maximum possible time frame” in light of an annual pilgrimage peak between October 15th and November 15th.

The second GEN-350 unit was placed at a family compound in Mundankavu village, located in Chengannur Gram Panchayat and is serving approximately 60 families.