Home News Watergen has provided their water-from-air at Mondial in Russia

Watergen has provided their water-from-air at Mondial in Russia

23 Jul. 2018

The 15,000 passionate FIFA World Cup fans  wildly cheering together at the St. Petersburg FIFA Fan Fest, one of Russia’s 11 official public viewing events on matchdays, had a unique way to quench their thirst: Watergen provided the venue with their water-from-the-air technology!

Located at Konyushennaya Square, the historical city center, the St. Petersburg location is part of a special live broadcast network that reached 30 million fans! Designed to be the best places to watch the games outside of the stadium, FIFA Fan Fests offered local and visiting fans an authentic party atmosphere, one that is surely enhanced by Watergen’s amazing system and delicious, cold, fresh water.

The free broadcast is one of the largest live events in the world, which highlights one of Watergen’s most exceptional advantages. Everyone was invited to refill their bottles with Watergen water, helping reduce plastic consumption in a significant way. Saving the environment while having the football time of your life – What could be more fun?!

Watch this amazing video to feel the atmosphere at Mondial 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlsjEJUW59E