Home News WatergenUSA and NBC25 Partnered to Bring Clean Drinking Water Solutions to Flint, Michigan

WatergenUSA and NBC25 Partnered to Bring Clean Drinking Water Solutions to Flint, Michigan

17 Jul. 2019

MIAMIJuly 16, 2019 – WatergenUSA has been working with community leaders, business owners, ministers, churches and the people of Flint on finding and bringing an innovative solution to their town.

The solution is in the air we breathe.

As opposed to bringing in plastics that are associated with trucking in water bottles, WatergenUSA, together with NBC25 and Armstrong Williams, a nationally syndicated talk show host and owner of HSH holdings, have been working with the people of Flint.

This partnership is providing what could be the first of what may be a large scale solution for drinking water by placing a 350 unit in the community church, Greater Flint Holy Temple.

Armstrong Williams stated,  “For the past five years, there have been solutions promised to the community by many, yet no one has delivered an affordable solution that is good for the people and for the environment by reducing plastics. When I saw the Watergen unit I immediately started working with the company to bring this technology to Flint.

Now we need to make certain that every school in Flint has this solution and we cannot allow the children’s health to be compromised. The people of Flint have now given their community and government leadership a solution to make certain the right options are implemented for the safety of their children.”

Armstrong Williams, NBC25, and WatergenUSA are pleased to be partnering with Bishop Jones and Mother Jones of the Greater Flint Holy Temple who have done so much to help their community during these trying times.

Yehuda Kaploun, President of WatergenUSA, expressed hope that the people of Flint should be enabled to receive clean drinking water in an environmentally friendly way.

Watergen has just been announced as the winner of the Bill Ford Better World Challenge to provide clean drinking water in Capetown, South Africa, and is producing fresh and safe drinking water to thousands of residents in the province. This is servicing some 3,400 households, as well as dozens of early childhood development centers and schools.

Dr Michael Mirilashvili, President of Watergen Ltd, and a well known philanthropist, announced that this is one of the many places Watergen has been deployed to provide solutions for clean drinking water, including countries in AfricaSouth America, the Far East, and used in partnership with FEMA after disasters in TexasFlorida and California.

Ed Russo, CEO of WatergenUSA, and a world renowned environmental leader, said, “Now we have to focus on saving the children and being aware of what is in our water.

Watergen provides the cleanest, safest water, and it comes from the air we breathe. A great innovation and a great solution.”