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Water-from-air, at home or in the office

Give up those plastic bottle and free up space in the fridge – GENNY gives you fresh, cool water on tap. No plumbing, refills or infrastructure required – simply plug in this small water-from-air generator in your home or office to get up to 30 liters per day.

Genny uses a state-of-the art, multi-stage, water purification and circulation system to ensure premium water quality. The system’s robust air filtration process, designed to operate at high air pollution conditions, vents ultra-clean dry air back into the room, making it ideal for families.

GENNY Advantages

  • Generates 30 liters of fresh, clean water every day
  • Plug-and-drink solution – no infrastructure other than electricity required
  • Easy installation, anywhere
  • Ideal for households and offices as an alternative to bottled water
  • Hot and cold water dispenser
  • Air purification as part of the water generation process – ideal for cities with high levels of air pollution
  • Dries the room like a dehumidifier – less energy invested in air conditioning
  • Complies with all required World Health Organization (WHO) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards


Water generation capacity: up to 30 liters/day
Integrated water tank: 27 liters
Water purification technology: based on UV treatment, mineralization and carbon filter
Water Generation Efficiency: 350Wh/liter
Power: 110/220 VAC, 60/50Hz
Power consumption: ~350 Wh/L nominal; During water boiling: ~800 Wh/L
Maintenance: once every 6 months, by user
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