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Watergen in Pleiku, Vietnam

25 Jul. 2018

July 2018: In Pleiku, Vietnam, one of the world’s hardest jobs just got easier. As part of a pilot study, the mobile police unit at the Ministry of Public Security that provides continuous security services to embassies, and is responsible for some of the most challenging special events occurring in Vietnam, has been the recipient of a water producing GEN-350 unit developed by Watergen.

The extremely high humidity in Pleiku contributes to the difficulty of the unit’s work, which also includes the training of new officers. The unit will serve approximately 150 policemen.

The current pilot follows a similar one in Hanoi, and will continue for six weeks, during which the unit’s senior officers, policemen and scheduled visiting guests will be provided with water generated by the device.

The pilots are designed to test the efficacy of the technology under the different humidity conditions in locations around Vietnam. Vietnam struggles with severe water challenges, including groundwater ammonium pollution and contamination with dangerous levels of arsenic and e. coli in the water supply. The government, as part of the Vietnam Development Goals, aims at providing 90% of the urban population with access to safe drinking water and at collecting and treating 100% of the urban wastewater by 2020.

Watergen develops and manufactures atmospheric water generators (AWG) able to extract clean and safe drinking water from the humidity in the air. It is an energy efficient, fast and accessible technology that can provide safe water in places suffering from water shortage or lacking water infrastructure.

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