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  • ynetnews reports on TA University study on water quality from AWG

    22 Jun. 2021

    A study was conducted by Tel Aviv University’s Porter School for Environmental Studies. The result found that water extracted from the air by Watergen…

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  • Jerusalem Post reports the celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday with Watergen water

    21 Jun. 2021

    At the celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday at the UK embassy, Watergen produced all of the drinking water for the event on site.

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  • CBCnetwork interviewed Watergen’s CEO Dr. Michael Mirashvili in Abu Dhabi.

    15 Jun. 2021

    CBCnetwork interviewed Dr. Michael Mirashvili in Abu Dhabi. He spoke about the peacemaking accords between Israel and UAE states and the role Watergen is…

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  • greenprophet.com features Watergen’s partnership in UAE water research institute

    6 Jun. 2021

    A new water research institute is being established in UAE  by  Watergen and Baynunah, a member of Al Dahra Group,  in collaboration with the…

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  • Jerusalem Post reports on Watergen partnership in UAE water research institute

    3 Jun. 2021

    Israel, the UAE and the Moshe Mirilashvili Institute for Applied Water Studies at Tel Aviv University are establishing a water research institute in a…

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  • Times of Israel reports Watergen partnership in UAE water research institute

    1 Jun. 2021

    The United Arab Emirates signed an agreement with Israel that will lead to the development of a water research institute in a partnership between…

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  • GEN-M water-from-air unit installed in Kalmyk State University

    5 May. 2021

    Under agreement with the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Republic of Kalmykia, a GEN-M water-from-air unit was installed in Kalmyk State University. Watergen’s…

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  • Watergen technology provides drinking water from air to Colombian students

    6 Mar. 2021

    Tüü Pütchika La Palabra reported that the boarding school at La Guajira received two Watergen GEN-M atmospheric water generators, donated by Israel through TX…

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  • minvivienda.co reports donation of two Watergen GEN-Ms to a school

    6 Mar. 2021

    Government website minvivienda.co announced that the Israeli Embassy in Colombia has donated two Watergen GEN-M to the San Antonio de Aremasain Indigenous Center Boarding…

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  • El Heraldo reports on the donation of 2 Watergen water generators in La Guajira

    5 Mar. 2021

    Colombian news outlet LA GUAJIRA | EL HERALDO reported on the installation of 2 Watergen devices in La Guajira, Colombia.

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  • ISRAEL21C details a campaign to supply four Watergen GEN-M machines to Native American communities

    12 Feb. 2021

    Reported on ISRAEL21C website, a Crowdfunding campaign promoted by StandWithUs was launched by Watergen and 2 US partners, aimed at donating four Watergen GEN-Ms…

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  • Solar technology assists Gaza’s contaminated-water emergency

    30 Jan. 2021

    News website Aljazeera reported on the donation of three solar-powered water-making machines to Gaza to help with the water crisis there. They interviewed our…

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