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  • The Times of Israel: Israeli machine that pulls water out of thin air sent to fire-plagued California

    27 Nov. 2018

    An Israeli machine that can pull water out of the air has been sent to northern California to provide clean drinking water for US police and firefighters battling the Camp Fire. On Sunday, officials announced that the fire had been brought 100 percent under

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  • Israeli companies win 2 of 20 CES 2019 Innovation Awards

    22 Nov. 2018

    Israel’s Innoviz Technologies and Watergen received two of the 20 CES 2019 Innovation Awards presented earlier this month at CES Unveiled New York, the official kickoff party featuring the emerging tech trends expected to dominate the CES show floor in January

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  • Specialized water truck headed to California to assist in deadly wildfires

    21 Nov. 2018

    MIAMI GARDENS, FLA. (WSVN) - A special truck capable of turning air into drinking water is making its way from South Florida to assist in the California wildfire crisis. Intense flames continue to ravage the Golden State weeks after the fire sparked. The

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  • The mobile Watergen emergency response vehicle could be a lifesaver in fire-stricken California

    21 Nov. 2018

    Monday marked the launch of a crowdfunding campaign to help California communities ravaged by the massive wildfires by providing special emergency-response vehicles equipped with a unique water-generating technology. The GoFundMe.com page established to

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  • Watergen to open at least 3 more US plants

    10 Nov. 2018

    Water-Gen has developed a machine that harvests clean drinking water out of the air. “Genny” uses patent technology to purify a room’s air, venting cleaner air back into the room. It then dries the room like a dehumidifier, lowering the AC cost while

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  • Hanoi to benefit from innovative Israeli air-to-water technology

    8 Nov. 2018

    Vietnam's capital Hanoi will benefit from Israeli company Watergen’s unique technology to extract fresh water directly from the air, boosting the city’s drinking water supply. Despite almost two-thirds of the fifteenth most populous country in the world,

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  • Machine that makes drinking water out of thin air gains popularity worldwide

    5 Nov. 2018

    Imagine you could quench your thirst with water that doesn't originate from a river, spring or lake but comes directly out of the blue sky, from the air that surrounds you. What sounds like a science fiction movie is already a reality, and it is potentially

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  • Israel introduces new farming and water techs to Hanoi

    31 Oct. 2018

    The Israeli embassy has introduced new technology in Hà Nội aiming to improve the quality of the city’s agricultural sector.

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  • Watergen in Pleiku, Vietnam

    25 Jul. 2018

    July 2018: In Pleiku, Vietnam, one of the world’s hardest jobs just got easier. As part of a pilot study, the mobile police unit at the Ministry of Public Security that provides continuous security services to embassies, and is responsible for some of the most

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  • 8 Israeli startups make WEF tech pioneers list

    26 Jun. 2018

    Water-Gen, a startup that transforms air into drinkable water, and seven other Israeli startups, in the fields of self-driving cars, cybersecurity, software, energy and environment, satellite and sensors, were among the 61 companies listed as technology

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  • President Donald Trump hosted a delegation from Watergen USA

    28 Mar. 2018

    President Donald Trump yesterday hosted a delegation from Watergen USA, a subsidiary of an Israeli company with a unique technology for producing water from air, at his resort estate in Mar-a-Lago, Florida. The President briefed the delegation on the

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  • EPA signed a CRADA with Watergen

    27 Mar. 2018

    WASHINGTON (March 27, 2018) – Today, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt is announcing a recently signed Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with Water-Gen. “The goal of this research and development

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