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  • Tata Projects, Watergen of Israel tie upto extract water from atmosphere

    16 Jan. 2018

    Watergen of Israel and Tata Projects have entered into a memorandum of understanding to take up projects to work towards extracting drinking water from the atmosphere. The MoU, coinciding with the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is aimed

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  • Yehuda Kaploun, President of Watergen USA, at ILTV Israel Daily Studio

    15 Jan. 2018

    Yehuda Kaploun, President of Watergen USA speaking at ILTV Studio about the company that is trying to tackle maybe the biggest challenge to human survival, dirty, undrinkable water: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVp8TEG9Kgs

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  • Machine that extracts water from air repurposed for humanitarian efforts

    25 Dec. 2017

    A machine originally designed for the military, which extracts water from the air, is now being used for humanitarian missions to bring safe drinking water to areas struck by natural disaster or poverty.  The Watergen company was founded in 2009 by

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  • Water-Gen signed the agreement at the annual bilateral business forum Israel-Russia 2017 in Moscow

    1 Oct. 2017

    MINISTER FOR Environmental Protection and Jerusalem Affairs Zeev Elkin usually accompanies Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his trips to Russia, where he takes on the role of interpreter. He also goes to Russia without Netanyahu, as he did last week to

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  • Water ATM Gen-350 will make drinking water from the air for the people in Delhi

    16 Sep. 2017

    A unique ‘Air to Water ATM’ has been installed in Delhi’s Connaught Place. Thanks to the city’s high humidity, it will make 500 litres of clean and safe drinking potable water from ordinary air every day. This technology exists in other Western countries,

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  • PM Netanyahu and Secretary General Guterres in innovation event at the Israel Museum

    1 Sep. 2017

    Innovations presented to the Prime Minister and UN Secretary General: Water-Genis a technology that provides an inexpensive, available and renewable source of clean fresh drinking water by directly extracting it from the atmosphere. Water-Gen builds

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  • US army disaster drill uses Israeli tech to extract water from air

    22 Jun. 2017

    As rescue forces head into disaster sites, all too often they struggle to maintain a steady water and food supply. An Israeli firm known for generating water out of thin air – the Rishon Lezion-based Water-Gen – participated in a United States Army drill

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  • Watergen at NBC 6 News – Miami, USA

    20 Jun. 2017

    Watergen is extracting water from the air in Miami: NBC 6 News - Miami, USA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PbPUbPrgOI&feature=youtu.be 

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