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  • Machine that extracts water from air repurposed for humanitarian efforts

    25 Dec. 2017

    A machine originally designed for the military, which extracts water from the air, is now being used for humanitarian missions to bring safe drinking water to…

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  • Water-Gen signed the agreement at the annual bilateral business forum Israel-Russia 2017 in Moscow

    1 Oct. 2017

    MINISTER FOR Environmental Protection and Jerusalem Affairs Zeev Elkin usually accompanies Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his trips to Russia, where he takes on…

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  • Water ATM Gen-350 will make drinking water from the air for the people in Delhi

    16 Sep. 2017

    A unique ‘Air to Water ATM’ has been installed in Delhi’s Connaught Place. Thanks to the city’s high humidity, it will make 500 litres of…

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  • PM Netanyahu and Secretary General Guterres in innovation event at the Israel Museum

    1 Sep. 2017

    Innovations presented to the Prime Minister and UN Secretary General: Water-Genis a technology that provides an inexpensive, available and renewable source of clean fresh…

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  • US army disaster drill uses Israeli tech to extract water from air

    22 Jun. 2017

    As rescue forces head into disaster sites, all too often they struggle to maintain a steady water and food supply. An Israeli firm known…

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  • Watergen at NBC 6 News – Miami, USA

    20 Jun. 2017

    Watergen is extracting water from the air in Miami: NBC 6 News – Miami, USA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PbPUbPrgOI&feature=youtu.be 

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